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dr. e.d. seamster, jr.

Dear Friends:


For years now, supporters, students, parents, and the Brotherhood itself, have looked and hoped for some miracle to be revealed, to help us through the rough tides, high winds, and the despair of losing precious members as we navigated troubled waters. I am excited to welcome you to the 2023 SwCC Lectureship—our 86th annual gathering—where you will learn why this ‘Bridge’ is sturdy enough to connect and strengthen us into a brighter, more prosperous future.


There is overwhelming testimony that the great Southwestern Christian College Bridge has been faithfully and lovingly restored without, restructured within. As the companion scripture for this Lectureship states, (Hebrews 11:25), many of you suffered along with us, rather than enjoy the comfort of calmer waters. Thank you for making the decision to come together with us, to witness, with the world, something good for everyone and how Southwestern is the righteous academic route that can benefit all.


First and foremost, to truly behold the renovations and changes on campus, one must see those with their own eyes and heart. Please visit the College you love. We understand why you may have missed several past Lectureships, but these workshops, speakers, and goals are the faith-builders you will want to experience firsthand, for the inspiration, powerful knowledge and amazing history shared each day at every event. 

The Lectureship will begin with our Founders’ Day program on Sunday, October 29, 2023, and continue through November 1. Please review the information contained here to help you with everything from topics to reservations. And there will also be stunning surprises and memorial gifts, as students welcome and guide you across ‘The Bridge.’


Again, welcome to the 86th Annual Lectureship, A Bridge Over Troubled Waters. We know you will feel the safe sanctuary that Southwestern Christian College has been, in the past, for our ancestors, and in the future, for our sons and daughters.



Dr. Ervin D. Seamster, Jr.

President and CEO   

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