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founder's day

Dear Friends and Supporters: 

For 85 consecutive years, Southwestern has celebrated its existence and the educator who founded the HBCU. But this year’s Lectureship is among the most anticipated and sweetest. In June 2022, Southwestern received full accreditation and reaffirmation from SACSCOC after a Florida oversight committee review.


Hundreds of parents, students, and supporters, from across Texas and America, will come together Sunday, October 30, 2022, for the inaugural event, Founder’s Day—with rejuvenated hope in the future—to celebrate this milestone moment. “There is no doubt we are celebrating multiple things during the weeklong Lectureship,” Dr. Seamster said, “as many of us emerge from COVID and other challenges.”


The school’s President called the thrill of achieving full accreditation from SACS officials an incomparable victory. “Our theme for the Lectureship sums up what our entire team has worked toward—My Soul Looks Back and Wonders How I Got Over—apropos in so many ways.” Dr. Seamster promised something for all attendees and participants, including various workshops, special awards, and phenomenal speakers from several major cities.

We are only a few weeks away from the 85th Lectureship and Founders’ Day Program at Southwestern Christian College on Sunday, October 30, to Wednesday, November 2, 2022. This year, the theme is “My Looks Back and Wonders How We Got Over!” This metaphor embraces the challenges that Africans Americans have had to endure; but it also embodies the victories that our beloved school, SwCC has enjoyed. We’ve had some difficult days but together, we have built resilience, overcome adversities, and we’re getting near to enjoying the better days ahead! The road has been difficult but God has brought us a mighty long way. He has truly given us favor!


Please join our faculty and staff, students and parents, donors and visitors, as we all come together to celebrate how we have been blessed to do this past year. The format of the lectureship will be offered in a hybrid setting, meaning it will encompass both virtual and in person settings. For those who have a greater interest in the campus life, you’re welcome to visit the campus, meet our outstanding students, and view first-hand the real, lasting impact that has been made on the lives of our students and the SwCC ongoing operations.

Our financial goal—for the annual Founders’ Day Program alone—on Sunday, October 30, 2022, is $120,000. (A goal we reached last year and hope to exceed this year.)   

Will you please help us? Our annual 85th Lectureship and Founders’ Day Program is one of our greatest fundraising efforts. We look forward to your participation.  

Yours Truly,

Dr. Douglas Howie, Sr.

Sunday, october 30, 2022
2:30pm – 4:30pm cdt

G.P. Bowser Memorial Gymnasium

Admission Free


Founder's day program

Chapel 4.jpg
Master of Ceremonies

Dr. Stanley Talbert

Academic Processional

Board of Trustees

Faculty & Staff 

The presidential party

Swcc Founder

g.p. bowser's protege's

Dr. Ben Foster 

official Welcome

Chairman Dr. John Dansby 

Litany of Praise

Dean Justin Felder 


Dr. Walter Price 

Recognition of Local Elected Officials

Dr. Walter Price 

The Epaggelia Oath

Ramon Hodridge

Presidential honors

Dr. E. D. Seamster, Jr.

Hymn of Praise

Shawn Maxwell

Presidential address

Dr. E. D. Seamster, Jr.

Choral Presentation 

SwCC Acapella Chorus

song of inspiration

Light of the World Church of Christ 


Dr. Douglas Howie 

School Song

Mark Johnson


Darren Smith 

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