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Sunday Worship services

October 31, 2021


Ian Nickerson sr

Minda Street Church of Christ
Abilene, TX
Ian D. Nickerson Sr., is only the second ministering evangelist of the 42-years-old multicultural congregation, Minda Street Church of Christ in Abilene, Texas. The Minda Street Church of Christ is a congregation that began through the efforts of his spiritual father, Dr. Tony Roach and his wife Candyce (Winston) Roach. Ian received nearly thirty years of training through the Sound Doctrine Training Program that is passed down from G. P. Bowser to J. S. Winton through Tony Roach. Now, Ian commits the Sound Doctrine Training to faithful men and women at the Minda Street Church of Christ, who will be able to train others also.
Ian previously helped plant a work in Denver, Colorado, where 25 percent of the congregants were Spanish-speaking, first generation Christians. He is currently involved in mission work in the western region of Ghana, Africa while serving on the board of directors at the Community Foundation of Abilene. As a Master of Divinity student, Ian was recently awarded the Stone-Campbell Journal Promising Scholar Award. His particular areas of academic interest are in spiritual growth and development, church polity and the development of local congregations. Ian is married to his eighth grade girlfriend, Sherita (James), and they have three children.
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