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Terrell, Texas—When the President of Southwestern Christian College was appointed in 2017, thousands urged Dr. Ervin D. Seamster, Jr., the SwCC Board of Trustees and Chairman, Dr. John H. Dansby, Sr., along with alumni across America, to give up and close the doors. After all, the legacy institution had experienced a historic, marathon existence. 


But President Seamster, a proud alum, had one mission: to witness the day Southwestern is restored to full accreditation and to see the day all public sanctions are removed ensuring the beloved institution would be completely vindicated. That day has arrived.


On June 16, 2022, learned members of SACS/COC, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools/Commission on Colleges formally announced the decision to grant Southwestern its earned academic tabula rasa, validating its former pristine reputation.


“There is nothing, not now, not in the next ten years, that can be used to question our Gold Standard, awarded, in full, by this SACS Board and subcommittee,” President Seamster said. “This was a Herculean effort, by a dedicated team of individuals who worked long hours

and made a plethora of sacrifices,” Seamster said, “and it is, indeed, a very satisfying moment for all of them, for our faculty, staff, supporters, and students. I thank them all.”

After warnings from SACS and operating under the shadow of multiple concerns over the financial stability of the school and core requirements that had to be addressed, Southwestern Christian College tackled more than 40 issues and erased more than $8 million in debt.


“We wiped out the debt, we strengthened a crumbling infrastructure, we endured COVID, a loss of student population, and we refused, we absolutely refused, to give up or let this noble institution close,” 


Dr. Seamster said. “Now, a different phase of work can begin, again, as we are brand new, a tabula rasa full of educational opportunities for the future.”

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President Seamster expressed his sincere appreciation to SACS officials, for their integrity and work ethic demonstrated throughout the course of school oversight. “It was a tremendous learning curve for a new president, but this reaffirmation of our accreditation is the evidence we wanted, and needed, to take our place among the ranks of other schools across the country, particularly our neighbor-colleges here in Texas.”

Dr. Seamster said he was honored that a SACS/COC subcommittee allowed him to present a final statement before it announced and confirmed its decision. In it, he reminded everyone to heed the words of Nelson Mandela: “Do not judge me by my success, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.”

Southwestern Christian College…is back up again.

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