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Tuesday evening speaker

November 2, 2021

7:00pm – 9:30pm 
Jeff Caruthers Final.jpg

dr. Jefferson r. caruthers, jr.

carver road church of christ
Winston-Salem, NC

Dr. Jefferson R Caruthers, Jr. is a native of Anaheim, California.  He is the son of a gospel preacher, Jefferson Caruthers, Sr. His father, J. R. Caruthers, Sr., attended Nashville Christian Institute (1948-1951) after encouragement from the late L. H. Alexander, his preacher in Midland, TX. He studied under the late Brother Marshall Keeble.  Brother Caruthers, Jr. is one of eight children born to Brother Caruthers, Sr. and Mabel Caruthers. 

Brother Caruthers became a Christian in Santa Ana, California (1969) under the preaching of Brother William Brown, who then ministered to the Westside Church of Christ in Santa Ana. 

Jefferson Caruthers, Jr. is a graduate of Southwestern Christian College (A.A., 1980), David Lipscomb College (B.A., 1982), Harding University Graduate School of Religion (M.Th.1987), Cleveland State University (M. Ed., 2004), Faulkner University (MPhil 2017). He completed the Doctor of Ministry (DMin) in 2018 at Hood Theological Seminary. Dr. Caruthers attended Kearley Graduate School of Theology of Faulkner University where his PhD dissertation focuses the African American Hermeneutic in Churches of Christ.  

In 1983, Jefferson Caruthers, Jr. married Felecia Sandrelli Spinks of Auburn, Alabama. They are the parents of seven children, one son in law, one daughter-in-law, seven grandchildren: Chava (Mike Mash, little Mikey, Cecelia, Carina and Marciano), Jefferson III, Carmen, Joshua (Jasmine Caruthers, Jai Evan Caruthers, Jonah Cole Caruthers, Jericho Bryant Caruthers) Hayley, Joel and Jonas (the last two are twins). Sister Caruthers also attended David Lipscomb College and is a graduate of Memphis State University (B.S. 1985), and the University of Mississippi (M. Ed., 1990). She has also completed the Master of Library and Information Studies with a concentration in Archival Management at the University of North Carolina Greensboro.  

Brother Caruthers has been preaching since 1977.  He has ministered to the Central Avenue Church of Christ in Coldwater, Mississippi (1983-1993), and to the Adams Avenue Church of Christ, Cleveland, Ohio (1994-2005). Brother Caruthers began his work as preacher for the Carver Road church of Christ in July of 2005.  He has spoken on college lectureships on subjects including the history of the restoration leaders.  He has also spoken on numerous state and regional lectureships, the national lectureship, youth meetings and gospel meetings.  He is the author of numerous tracts as well as workbooks on both Old Testament and New Testament writings. He has written Bible School materials for the 21st Christian series, “Blueprints.” He also publishes study materials through Proclamation epress. 

Jefferson Caruthers is on the executive board of the National Lectureship of Churches of Christ, chairs the board of the North Carolina Brotherhood and State Lectureship, is on the board of directors for the National Teachers’ Workshop, is a board member of the Southeastern Lectureship, chairs the board of Quality Education Academy (K-12 Charter School that began at Carver Road), and is on the board of Quality Independent Living (an apartment facility of 42 units built by the church).Brother Caruthers also serves as area board representative for the Ministers Institute Conference held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida; annually. As an educator, brother Caruthers has taught at Northwest Mississippi Community College and Senatobia High school in Senatobia, MS. He also taught at Martin Luther King High School in Cleveland, Ohio where he also served as wresting coach. He most recently served as instructor for the School of Religious Studies in Little Rock, Arkansas. In the year 2000, brother Caruthers founded the Proclamation Press New Year’s Symposium held yearly in January. 

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