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Sunday Worship services

October 31, 2021

RF Tucker - Profile.webp

randall f. tucker, sr.

South Union Church of Christ

Houston, Texas

Pressure Pain and Praise (Psalms 61:1-8)

Randall F. Tucker, Sr. is the minister of the South Union Church of Christ in Houston, Texas. He put Christ on in baptism at the Schrader Lane church of Christ, in Nashville, Tennessee, on April 8, 1990. It was there that he grew in the knowledge of the Holy Scriptures and developed a deep desire to become a student of God’s word. 

He is an alumnus of Tennessee State University and the Nashville School of Preaching. The specifics of his academic and professional background include a concentration in Speech Communication and Theatre as well as Broadcasting and Journalism. Additionally, he has worked in the government sector as a representative for the Division of Assessments, as well as an educator in the public school system; teaching Science, History, and African American Studies at the Elementary and Secondary levels. During his tenure with the public school system, he also served as Basketball and Volleyball Coach. Having been exposed to public speaking at an early age, brother Tucker has been blessed to be motivational speaker and has been recognized at the local, state, and national levels.


In 2003, while a member of the historic Jackson Street church of Christ, brother Tucker was called to work with the Broadway Street church of Christ in Mount Pleasant, Tennessee. After five years he was called to Houston, Texas where he ministered at the church of Christ in Scenic Woods. It was here that God placed him at the feet of brother Robert Ravenell a pioneer gospel preacher and the minister emeritus of the Scenic Woods congregation whose ministry spanned well over fifty years. Brother Tucker credits this experience as a defining moment in his life where God would strengthen his faith and teach him many invaluable lessons on the fabric of effective ministry. In June 2011, brother Tucker was called to minister to the South Union church of Christ, Houston, Texas, a very faithful and legendary congregation in our brotherhood.

In twenty years of public ministry, God has blessed brother Tucker to preach on National, Regional, and State Lectureships. He is also called upon to preach the gospel for church revivals and as well as conduct team-building workshops across the nation. He has the gift of ministering to all types of people from diverse backgrounds, by illuminating God’s word so that it applies directly to today's world. Serving God is his greatest passion as he comes from a "pedigree of Preachers", becoming the 3rd generation in his family to preach the word of God. He credits his upbringing in a Christian home environment as being a key factor of his ministry. Brother Tucker  is blessed to be married with three children.

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