Sunday Worship services

October 31, 2021

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from the ben foster chapel

Our Ministers


Ian Nickerson sr

Sunday morning - 10:00am cdt
sermon | The Mission Still Matters
Psalms 67  
The emblematic "stony road" was present when the psalmist put this prayer to song. Psalm 67 is a testament of a missionary perspective not often noted within the Wisdom Literature. The mission for all nations to know and praise God mattered to his people then, and it should matter to us now. The message is that the Lord God desires to use your life to reach the world for his glory. The lesson aims to motivate its hearers to respond in a manner that declares The Mission Still Matters despite The Stony Road We Trod.   
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bruce johnson

sunday evening - 6:00pm cdt
sermon | Past, Present, Future
Psalms 144
A brief description of our lives and SwCC as found in Psalm 144.